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Most common symptoms

Dr. Denis SlinkinThe most common symptoms of herpes are bubble rashes that can appear on the lips, the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth, on the genitals and on the body.

Before the appearance of herpes bubbles in the place of future rashes there are harbingers: itching, burning, tingling sensation. Drug therapy is better to begin at the harbingers stage to prevent the emergence of rashes, so says Dr. Denis Slinkin.

But herpes can manifest atypically when there are no classic rashes, but there are secretions, itching, burning, perineal cracks, swelling, redness of mucous membranes, abdominal pain, "sciatica" attacks.

Genital herpes is usually manifested both by local rashes (vesicles are mainly formed on the head of the penis and the inner surface of the foreskin in men on both large and small labia in women) and common signs (fever, intoxication, regional lymphadenitis), pain in the lower abdomen and in the lower back, in places where the rash is localized - burning and itching.

Rashes may spread to the vagina and cervical mucosa, urethra. Chronic genital herpes may cause cervical cancer. In many cases, genital rashes are accompanied by herpes in the mucous membranes of the mouth and eyes.
Denis Slinkin
Ophthalmogerpes is manifested by rash on the cornea, and then causes the formation of ulcerative defects, reducing the sensitivity of the cornea, which contributes to visual impairment.

Herpes in the posterior regions of the eyeball is rare. Chronic recurrent herpes of the eye can lead to persistent corneal opacity, blindness, says Dr. Denis Slinkin.

Dr. Denis Slinkin states: The most dangerous are generalized, visceral forms, CNS lesions that can lead to disability and even death. Herpetic nervous system infection is of the serous meningitis or encephalitis type.

Herpetic encephalitis leads to death in 30% of cases, after cure leaves serious consequences in the form of persistent paralysis and pares, dementia. Visceral forms of herpes occur according to the clinic of inflammatory diseases of the affected organs It may be herpetic pneumonia, hepatitis, pancreatitis, nephritis, esophagitis, adrenal herpes.

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